Stress Management

Leading a dedicated life as a professional and as an individual, you’re probably used to giving your best at all times. However, eventually you get to a point where a healthy challenge becomes a continuous source of stress.

Stress Management Berlin | Ellen Pachabeyan
Stress Management Berlin | Ellen Pachabeyan

End overload - spark peak performance

Stress management does not require lowering expectations from your professional environment or yourself to a bare minimum. Instead, it involves enhancing your awareness of stress signals to react to them promptly and flexibly.

Your benefits from stress management coaching

  • you analyse the factors typically triggering stress and constant overload for you
  • you learn to identify stress signals in good time and to react appropriately
  • you discover strategies to alleviate long-term pressure and explore relief options
  • you find ways to defuse stress in your head and review your own standards
  • you learn to set healthy boundaries and stand up for them more consistently
  • you develop habits that promote optimal regeneration—physically, mentally, and emotionally

You will strengthen your stress managing skills on various levels. And you will develop practical problem solving strategies – internally as well as externally – so you’ll actually be able to make changes happen.

Are you interested in coaching for stress management?
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