Career Farewell

Career farewell | Ellen Pachabeyan Berlin
Career farewell | Ellen Pachabeyan Berlin

For individuals who have held high-level management roles for many years — whether for a large organizational unit, an entire company, or their own business — the profession has become an integral aspect of their life, if not a defining one. 
After all, such a job is typically held out of conviction, driven by passion, and requires significant time and personal dedication.

Gaining momentum at crossroads

Are you nearing the end of a fulfilling career path? Do you find it challenging to envision life without your profession? Perhaps you're delaying saying goodbye while also sensing that it's time for something new.

Eventually you are lacking a neutral and experienced sparring partner especially if those in your professional and personal circles are primarily focused on their own interests.

Your benefits from career farewell coaching

  • you know how you can make a good exit and what it means for you to say goodbye 
  • you recognize what remains unresolved for you and how to wrap it up effectively   
  • you have a clear vision of a positive and fulfilling future even without a paid job and you understand the necessary steps to ensure a successful transition
  • you address your resistance, concerns, and insecurities, moving forward confidently

Over the years, I've supported managers, executives, and entrepreneurs in their transition from active professional roles.
Coaching can provide a good setting for expressing your personal concerns and creating a viable path for yourself.

Would you like to get to know me and find out whether I am the right sparring partner for you? I look forward to hearing from you.

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