Team Coaching

A neutral facilitator is essential for successful team coaching, guiding the process to foster collaboration and ensure open communication, leading to achievable agreements endorsed by all team members.

A worthwhile investment in your team

If the manager can hand over this role to a team coach, this usually creates a dynamic that also gives the manager new insights into their team.

Would you like to lay the groundwork for productive collaboration in a reshaped team or as a new manager, aiming to minimize frictional losses and witness the team's growth surpassing expectations?

Increase effectiveness and satisfaction in teamwork

Through team coaching you devise strategies for future-proofing your team. You create the conditions in order to retain competent employees, while boosting motivation and satisfaction during demanding times.

Team building relies on active team member involvement, affording flexibility. Yet, I generally insist in pre-establishing clear frameworks and objectives. This ensures a solid foundation for effective guidance towards specific goals.

If you’re interested in hiring me as a coach for your team, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Team Coaching Berlin | Ellen Pachabeyan
Team Coaching Berlin | Ellen Pachabeyan

You benefits from team buidling

  • developing common goals
  • creating team identity and strengthening team spirit
  • clearly defining roles within the team, better use of individual strengths
  • improving communications within the team, establishing feedback culture
  • approaching conflict in an open, solution-oriented and objective way
  • redistributing tasks, clearly defining responsibilities
  • adjusting work processes and making binding agreements
  • improving the performance and effectiveness of the team
  • increasing job satisfaction and motivation

How I work as a team coach

I like to mix experience-based and action-oriented units, using reflection and concrete agreements to apply results to daily work.
Read more on the integral-systemic Coaching approach I like to work with.

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