Career Coaching

Career coaching can assist you in shaping your professional path at various phases of your career. Through it, you define your career goals, identify your potential, and devise strategies to achieve success and reach your desired destination.

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Gaining momentum at crossroads – reasons for
career coaching

  • organising the transition from one position to the next more effectively
  • preparing thoroughly for a major career transition
  • approaching an upcoming promotion more strategically
  • finding a quicker way out of a perceived dead end in your career
  • transitioning smoothly towards ending your career

You will gain clarity and make sustainable long-term decisions. Additionally, you'll cultivate the courage and self-confidence to steadfastly pursue your professional vision.

Career Coaching Berlin | Ellen Pachabeyan
Career Coaching Berlin | Ellen Pachabeyan

Career coaching as a catalyst for smart decisions

Have you been in your job for a while and are wondering what the next step in your career might look like and how to get there? 
Do you have a concrete offer on the table and don't know whether it comes at the right time? 

You have achieved a lot and have focused on your goals with all your efforts and attention – and now you are asking yourself how to proceed from here and what is really important for the next phase of your life? How you can even wrap up a successful career when the time has come?

Career coaching can speed up the process of gaining clarity about the right steps for you and why they matter.