Taking the Lead

Moving into a new management role is often a reason for coaching. You can take on the new role more consciously and position yourself in the best possible way in the first few weeks.
If the beginning is unsuccessful and key factors in the team or company structure are misjudged, correcting them later on can often be challenging.

Expand your leadership skills

Have you just taken on a new management position or new responsibilities? Or are you currently in a challenging situation where, despite your experience as an executive, you're struggling to take the lead? Are you working in shared leadership for the first time and wondering how to collaborate best?
In executive coaching, you can work on your issues in a way which suits your needs.

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Taking the Lead | Ellen Pachabeyan Berlin
Taking the Lead | Ellen Pachabeyan Berlin

Your benefits from executive coaching

  • embrace the momentum to analyze and question your actions, and develop new approaches and strategies
  • adopt an external perspective to acknowledge your strengths and resources, as well as identify areas with room for improvement
  • develop a clear vision of how you aim to fulfil your role as a manager and how you wish to be perceived by others
  • establish a clear understanding of your role, including what you are responsible for and what falls outside of your scope of responsibility
  • explore topics where you're feeling stuck
  • set the course to optimally organise your team 
  • cope with conflicts in a confident and professional manner