Professional Crises

Professional Crises | Ellen Pachabeyan Berlin
Professional Crises | Ellen Pachabeyan Berlin

Unexpected events can catch us off guard, causing our usual behavioral strategies to falter. These triggers, such as professional restructuring, career stagnation, conflicts at work, health crises, or difficult personal circumstances, can significantly challenge a manager's self-image and confidence.

Crises - an opportunity for transformation

Crises are often unwelcome and even downright scary, but they also present an opportunity for change. They allow us to make decisions, approach things differently, acquire new skills, strengthen our inner resilience and build momentum.

Your benefits form crises coaching

  • you have reliable and solution-focussed support in turbulent times
  • you gain insight into the crisis dynamics and find a starting point to regain a sense of control
  • you realise how to stabilise yourself internally and externally and increase your scope of action
  • you stop fighting the inevitable and thereby find the necessary energy and mindset to move forward
  • you convey trust and develop new goals, perspectives and strategies for yourself

If you are interested in coaching for professional crises, please do not hesitate to contact me.

As your coach, I will use methods from the fields of resilience and health research, mental training and relaxation techniques, methods of cognitive emotion regulation and stress management.

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