Stress Management

Stress management does not necessarily mean expectations from your professional environment or from yourself need to be lowered to a bare minimum. But it does mean you must strengthen your awareness of stress signals in order to be able to react to them, timely and flexibly.

To achieve this, coaching addresses the following aspects:

  • What are the factors that usually trigger “my” stress?
  • What is it that puts long-term pressure on me?
  • Which factors can I control in a positive way, for example by organizing myself in a different way, by getting better at time management and by prioritizing?
  • How can I defuse the “stress in my own head”?
  • What helps me regenerate best?

You will learn to identify stress signals in good time and to react appropriately. You will strengthen your stress managing skills on various levels. And you will develop practical problem solving strategies – internal as well as external – so you’ll actually be able to make changes happen.


If you are interested in coaching for stress management, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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