Training + Group Coaching

Is your enterprise or organization interested in supporting your staff’s health, ability to perform and motivation in a sustainable way? If so, in-house training or group coaching for a variety of self-management issues could be the right course of action.

I can offer you a preliminary consultation free of charge, during which I will learn more about your goals and the situation within your company and we can discuss options for a tailor-made solution for your organization.

My work is based on the integral coaching approach. That means that it’s particularly important to me to work with the participants on their individual situational factors, also while working with groups and teams.

This approach enables staff members to focus on the elements relevant to them personally during the theoretical input units and to apply the methods that seem useful regarding the issue they’ll be working on. We define what these issues are with a unit of professional input, followed by individual reflection and discussions. Practical exercises, role-play and check lists help manifest them further. We can do demo coaching and case work on request, to give the participants the opportunity to address their respective situation at work.

Ultimately however, methodology and contents are dependent on the individual circumstances and needs of the respective organization.

This is a selection of seminars and trainings I offer:

Further training, for example for burnout prevention, healthy leadership and appreciative leadership is available on request.

If you’re interested in my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a preliminary consultation.

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