Stress Management

Many of us are so accustomed to stress being a common occurrence in our working lives that we never even question it. But where exactly is that fine line between positive motivation and ongoing overwhelm? When exactly do we need to put a stop to stress before it becomes a massive problem?

This seminar offers explanations on how stress comes about, it teaches methods to cope with stressful situations and practical solutions for a different way to handle external and internal stress factors.

Contents of the training

  • Where does stress come from, my own, and others’?
  • What are my personal stressors and how can I influence them?
  • Why do individuals react differently in the same situation?
  • How can I counterbalance stress and recharge my batteries?

Goals and benefits for participants

  • Learning about and understanding the dynamics of stress
  • Understanding the stress traps of others (employees, colleagues and clients)
  • Getting an effective handle on your own stressors (for example with time management)
  • Learning how to recognize and change your own stress triggering attitudes and thought patterns
  • Finding peace of mind and counteracting continuous tension
  • Familiarizing yourself with relaxation techniques and actively using positive activities

Available formats

  • 1-2 days training with brief theoretical input units, individual reflection, practical exercises in smaller groups, check lists, case work (working on examples contributed by the participants)
  • Also available in combination with individual transfer coaching
  • Other available formats: 1-2 hours talk, half day compact workshop
  • Number of participants dependent on the chosen format

Target groups

Executives, employees, teams, multipliers (HR developers, company physicians, in-house healthcare managers...)

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