Developing Resilience

Resilient individuals always get back on their feet. However adverse the circumstances, however dire their need, however severe their illnesses – eventually, they manage to regain their inner equilibrium.

Inner strength and resilience are built on certain attitudes, on the way we cope with emotions, on certain behavioral patterns and on our relationships. If all these pillars of our resilience are stable, we can confidently conduct ourselves and lead others, even in challenging times.

Contents of the training:

  • What purpose does resilience have? The resilience concept – the characteristics and pillars resilience is built on

  • The connection between resilience, health and ability to perform

  • Individual assessment of a person’s status quo: which resilience factors do I already have at my disposal?
  • Mental, emotional and social strategies for developing resilience

Goals and benefits for participants:

  • Enhancing the ability to effectively cope with (work-related) challenges and crises
  • Learning to find possibilities for taking action and devising viable strategies

  • Being aware and making use of one’s existing resilience capacity
  • Getting better at developing new resilience capacity
  • Preserving health, ability to perform and wellbeing long-term

Available formats

  • 1-2 days group training, including: brief theoretical input, individual reflection, exercises in smaller groups, check lists, case work (working on examples contributed by participants)
  • also in combination with individual transfer coaching
  • Other available formats: 1-2 hours talk, condensed ½ day long workshop
  • Number of possible participants dependent on the chosen format

Target groups
Executives, employees, teams, multipliers (human resources developers, company physicians, executives from the in-house department for health management)

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