Self-Management with the Reiss Motivation Profile

For the coachee, the intense self-reflection that working with the Reiss Motivation Profile sets in motion usually leads to a better understanding of oneself – a huge personal benefit for any coachee.
Individuals who are more aware of themselves can tap into their individual performance potential and become more content. They are enabled to act in an authentic manner, and become more convincing when they’re in tune with their own personalities.

The Reiss Motivation Profile also explains how different from each other individuals can be. This is helpful for steering clear of conflict and for improving our relationships.

  • The next step is a detailed consultation with me in my capacity as certified and licensed Reiss Profile Master. We will discuss the findings from your individual profile.

The process looks like this:

  • First, you will complete the Reiss Profile Test online or on paper. This will take approx. 30 minutes. There is an anonymous, computer-aided evaluation on the basis of which a personality profile is composed.
    There is a special version available, which was designed for business environments.

During a session especially devoted to the subject, you can learn how to use the Reiss Motivation Profile as effective tool for self-management, for creating a well-rounded work-life-balance or as an instrument for stress-management. It is a great starting point for embarking on a coaching process, for instance when you’re considering changing careers.

Coaching evaluation by a client concerning his experience with the Reiss Motivation Profile

“The initial question of my own relationality was a very difficult one for me. By working with the Reiss Motivation Profile, I gained better understanding for my own motives, and the ensuing biography work helped me recognize a number of rigid concepts I continued to work on over the course of the coaching. I’ve been experiencing changes in my personal life, which feels a lot more open, playful and fulfilled than before.

Working with the REISS Motivation Profile also made me realize that my reluctance to buy property isn’t merely due to my being lazy, but is rooted in the fact that I don’t really care about material possessions. I found this very liberating, and I am now open to finding different ways of using my financial resources, in a way that seems meaningful and fulfilling for me.”

Male client, 42

If you’re interested in coaching that focuses on “self-management with the Reiss Profile”, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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