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What my Clients Have to Say

“Ellen Pachabeyan prepared and led a teamwork and communications workshop in the Irish Embassy in October 2017. It proved a highly valuable experience for the whole office.

 ...We particularly appreciated her capacity to work bilingually and to foster discussion between colleagues from different sections and with different cultural and professional backgrounds.  The workshop was very rewarding and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Maeve von Heynitz, deputy head of mission
Embassy of Ireland


“Thanks from Erlangen, for an interesting couple of days. It was especially fascinating for an old warhorse like me to be introduced to the Reiss Profile and Marshall Rosenberg’s method in such a perfect and appealing way!

…I will definitely recommend the seminar “Leading with purpose – acting with effect” to my colleagues!
Thank you, Ellen Pachabeyan and Birgitta Sand – you gave me plenty of input that inspires thinking about, following up and put into action!”

Mathias M.Meyer, acting managing director,
Studentenwerk Erlangen – Nürnberg AöR


“The two units of our developmental program for young employees were taught by Ms Pachabeyan in a highly professional and competent manner.

We particularly liked her ability to guide a rather heterogenic group of participants through the program without a hitch, bringing everybody together and creating a constructive working atmosphere. The participants found the individual transfer coaching as beneficial as the training units. All in all, working with Ms Pachabeyan was a very positive and convincing experience.”

Stefanie Dreßel, head of human resources,
Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH


“Ellen Pachabeyan taught two training units on Healthy Work and Healthy Leadership at our premises in 2015.

The complete organizational process, arrangements regarding content and framework as well as the actual workshops and ensuing evaluations were handled professionally and smoothly. The participants were very enthusiastic regarding the content, the day’s proceedings as well as Ms Pachabeyan as a person.
I have come to know Ms Pachabeyan as a very kind and mindful person with a straightforward demeanor and a great presence. Working with her was a wonderful and gratifying experience, and we look forward to collaborating with her again in the future.”

Dr. Jennifer Schevardo, referent alumni work,
Headquaters of the Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft Deutscher Forschungszentren e.V.


Ellen Pachabeyan, Keynote speaker at Network Conference 2018 of the Helmholtz Mentoring Programme "Taking the Lead", Photograph: David Marschalsky


Thomas Arndt, human resources development
University of Leipzig


MM, head of IT of the parliamentary wing of a political party


“In the beginning, Ms Pachabeyan discussed with us the needs of the target group and the thing our organization had in mind, in order to give the participants as beneficial an experience as possible.

The collaboration with Ms Pachabeyan was very professional and pleasant.
Her combined skills of expert psychological knowledge and years of experience with working with executives were perfect for our participants.
The broad methodological spectrum she drew back on in training was diverse and convincing. She has a great sense of humor and rapport with the participants, and kept them interested and invested over the complete two days.

The training and the participants’ enthusiastic response made us wish for more!”

Jörg-Markus zur Oven, head of department university’s food services,
Deutsches Studentenwerk e.V.


“The 2 days long seminar Stress and Appreciation Management used various creative methods in a diverse way, so that all executives participated enthusiastically.

The result of the seminar: great input on leadership and leadership instruments, but also a number of methods for critically examining our own behavior as leaders in our everyday lives.
The coach comes across as a very balanced person with clear objectives who was very sensitive to the needs of the group and the dynamics of the situation. At the end of the day, there were valid results.”

M. Gradtke, head of the university’s food services,
Studierendenwerk Hamburg


“Thank you again for the fascinating and informative seminar here in Leipzig last week. It resonated with me on so many levels, and I am still processing.

Looking at her flip charts alone is such a visual treat, especially memorable and concise due to the use of icons. Images are easier to remember than written words.
I particularly liked the way you incorporated the participants’ individual needs without losing sight of the final goal. I think your work is interesting and impressive. I admired the way you made us draw our own conclusions by guiding us through the process; this made accepting the results easier than it would have been had you only “taught ex cathedra”. You also did great with the heterogenic group. I downloaded the handouts and photo documentary today – very professional, as everything we have seen from you. Thank you so much.”

C.L., institute of mathematics, University of Leipzig


“Thank you very much for teaching this seminar here at our premises. You got through to the participants who found the seminar gratifying and insightful.

I had already gotten great feedback about you during the breaks and at the after work gatherings, which is confirmed by the evaluation sheets. You’re a professional with a human touch, empathetic and organized, you grant the participants the exactly right amount of leeway, but what’s most remarkable: Your advice is actually transferable to everyday life.
I look forward to organize more seminars with you.”

Corinna Dannewitz, head of division,
Deutsches Studentenwerk e.V.


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